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Since we launched in July 2016, ThinkTV has commissioned a feast of independent research by globally renowned marketing academics and media experts. The findings are rich with data and insights. Below is an easy navigation guide to help you through this content.



The Benchmark Series. Groundbreaking research from respected marketing science academic Professor Karen Nelson-Field uncovers new insights into how and why video advertising works for brands across different media platforms.

Creating Effective Campaigns. What is the secret sauce that makes one marketing campaign wildly successful and another campaign just moderately so? You only need to look to the Effie Awards to find some of the secrets to developing effective award-winning campaigns.

2017 Annual Fact Pack. ThinkTV’s Annual Fact Pack provides comprehensive data and insights into Australian TV covering full year 2017.

AdNation 2017. Check out the official release for AdNation 2017 following on from your presentation at Mumbrella 360.

Payback Australia.  A $1 million study by leading independent marketing analytics firm Ebiquity has found that TV is the most efficient media channel when indexed across key participants from four of the economy’s biggest sectors: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Automotive, Finance and E-Commerce.

Pinchable Charts. You can’t argue with facts and we have a ton of them loaded into our Pinchable Charts. Go on, pinch one.

ThinkTV Help Centre. We have all your questions answered.  Check out the answers to the most commonly asked TV questions or search for an answer yourself. Can’t find your answer? Send us an email.

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Benefits of TV advertising. Need some quick killer facts about advertising on TV? We’ve got you covered. We’ve put together the top 5 benefits of your brand using TV advertising


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