Coles gets the scoop

“We were delighted with the customer feedback and demand for the limited edition Hazelnut Choc Gelato which launched in Coles’ supermarkets the day after Josh and Nick produced their winning recipe on MKR. Highlighting the popularity of MKR and the great customer response to this new product, all of the gelato was sold within weeks of it being stocked in Coles’ fridges.”
Carmel Horvath
Head of Coles Events and Sponsorships | Marketing

“Josh & Nic’s Hazelnut Choc Gelato”, the limited-edition ice cream created in partnership with Seven’s MKR and Coles has changed the game for new product launches in Australia.

Building on the success of an 8-year collaborative partnership and the 2017 MKR ‘Sweetly Spiced Sauce’ that resulted in the product selling out in days MKR challenged itself to increase volumes, increase appeal, and increase exposure in its latest season.

In 2018, MKR re-imagined how to launch a new product into Coles customers orbit by building the perfect platform for pulling customers into a retail experience like no other. Taking the idea of customer engagement to new horizons and across all channels: broadcast, digital, social and in-store.

In a dedicated Coles 90 minute episode, contestants were challenged to create the ultimate ice-cream with the winning team getting their creation made available to viewers the very next day in Coles supermarkets across the country.

In one of the season’s biggest episodes, over 2 million Aussies tuned in to see Josh & Nic’s Italian style Hazlenut Choc Gelato win the challenge. “Now at Coles” messaging was unmissable with assets exclusively across Seven West Media touchpoints (broadcast, BVOD & social) driving viewers in store to buy the winning dish and have their very own ‘taste of MKR’.

The limited edition gelato was a hit with customers and proved to be one of the most popular ice creams at Coles supermarkets at the time.

This showcased how an extensive broadcast integration can go beyond engagement and into total immersion to drive success for new product launches.