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    MFA Television Foundations Course

    Broad reach is essential to make brands grow but that’s only one of the reasons to choose TV when allocating media spend. Between its unbeatable reach and scale, measurable results and proven ROI, delivers for brands. So how do you make the most of the opportunity?

    The MFA Television Foundations Certification is designed to equip you with the skills you need to navigate the television landscape today and tomorrow.

    The e-learning program has been designed for people of all levels and is a must-do for those with less than two years’ experience in the industry.


    The Certification includes six courses:

    1. Television Landscape
    Refine and expand your understanding of the television ecosystem.

    2. Planning
    What do you need to know to plan effective television campaigns? Gain an understanding of the key terminology and calculations required to deliver for your clients.

    3. Buying/Trading
    Wrap your head around buying/trading models applied in the TV purchase process.

    4. Factors influencing costs
    What are the factors that affect the costs of TV inventory and how will that impact the way you buy?

    5. Evaluation, Measurement & Reporting
    How do you evaluate campaigns? What measurement methods and tools do you need to be across when it comes to reporting?

    6. BVOD
    Watch TV anytime, anywhere thanks to Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD). Understanding BVOD, the fastest growing medium in the Australian market, and the levers driving growth across the TV sector.

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