Killer Research

Your all-in-one summary of the independent studies commissioned by ThinkTV.

ThinkTV leads Australia’s commercial TV broadcasters in a collective effort to demonstrate the role TV advertising plays in driving business growth in the short term and the long term.

Our curiosity around today’s TV is boundless and since ThinkTV’s inception in 2016 we have commissioned a number of ground-breaking studies seeking to understand the effectiveness of TV compared to, and combined with, other media channels. The studies answer questions such as;

  • What is the role of Screen coverage and Pixel Rendering on Attention and Sales Impact for TV, Facebook and YouTube across different devices?
  • What is the role of Emotion in driving Attention and Sales Impact of Video Advertising?
  • Does viewing TV, YouTube and Facebook advertising on a mobile device impact Attention and Sales Impact?
  • Does the Sales Impact of advertising on TV, Facebook and YouTube decay at the same rate?
  • What is the most effective online video platform to use to extend the reach of a TV campaign?
  • What is the Return On Investment (ROI) of today’s TV and other media channels for key industry sectors including FMCG, Finance, Automotive and e commerce?
  • What is the optimal split of media budgets to maximise overall return on investment?

This handy, downloadable booklet provides a summary of the independent studies commissioned by ThinkTV, in one convenient digest.