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effecTV Issue 8: What do CMOs want? ROI ROI ROI. And TV delivers
CMOs want TV ROI: Speaking at Mumbrella’s Travel Marketing Summit this week, ThinkTV CEO Kim Portrate told a packed conference that instead of focusing on television’s 1% drop in audience, media agencies need to speak the language of ROI. Portrate said “expect to see a resurgence in investment in TV”. Read the full  article here.
Millennials watch TV. Fact: We are the just the teeniest bit bored to death of hearing that millennials don’t watch TV. In fact 7 in 10 tune into broadcast TV every week and 4 in 10 access their favourite show via a catch-up service. Duh. Click here to learn more about how to reach this tech savvy group on TV.
Aussies want premium TV: Australians can access more content across more screens than ever before. But despite this, watching TV in the home still secures the vast majority of viewing. The latest Australian Multi-Screen Report is out and believe us when we say that its mind-bogglingly comprehensive. The MENSA-like boffins at ThinkTV have worked their magic to bring you the crib notes here.

effecTV Issue 7: Hello? Is it TV you’re looking for?
P&G put a flea in Marketers ears: Florida. 29 January 2017.  P&G’s chief brand officer Marc Pritchard highlighted that the digital media supply chain is 21 years old now and needs to grow up; there is a standard that must be met to ensure brand growth is restored.  “We need better advertising to fuel growth, all underpinned by a transparent media supply chain” Pritchard said, and in this seminal speech, he put all marketers on notice to adopt the five-point plan that P&G has undertaken to reform the industry. Need more growth?  TV has your back.  Time and time again TV has proven to deliver ROI, brand fame and brand growth in a manner unmatched by any other media channel.
Do you know where your brand is? London. February 16, 2017. Brand safety became the buzz-phrase of the month when household brand names appeared in unsavoury online content as a result of programmatically-bought ads. Since then Havas Media UK has joined a growing list of UK clients – and US based clients including AT&T, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson and GSK – to pause ad spend with Google’s display and video networks. It turns out that if you pay peanuts you can get a whole lot worse than monkeys. If you want your beautifully crafted, thrice-legally-checked, globally compliant, brand equity building advertisement to appear in brand safe environments then experts suggest using premium, local publishers with stringent vetting and classification procedures. TV is all that and more.
The Problem with Programmatic Online Video.  Sydney. March 21, 2017. This week the AANA heard Mark Pritchard’s call and came out strongly, on behalf of all advertisers, calling for the industry to unite to improve media transparency. At packed events in Melbourne and Sydney the AANA shared powerful and thought-provoking insights; none more pertinent than keynote speaker Nick Manning, Chief Strategy Officer at Ebiquity. Manning revealed that a $100,000 programmatic digital campaign may ultimately only equate to $20,000 worth of useful media. Is this something that explains why real brand growth rates are at an all-time low? We reckon brands deserve a safe, premium environment (like TV), where your ad is 100 per cent viewable and free from bot-fraud. TV is independently verified and when $1 is invested into TV it pays back $1.74. TV is the only channel to actually pay back .

effectTV Special Edition Issue 6: The body of work of 2017 Hall of Fame Inductee Warren Brown, I’d like to see that.
You may not have heard of Warren Brown, the co-founder of BMF, but you will certainly recognise his work.  The cornerstone of BMF and its most successful work is “the long idea” and Brown has always pushed for ideas that become part of culture. “I’m a great believer in campaigns and great advertising work has the ability to touch people who are not even interested in the thing you’re talking about. I like that aspect of it, the mass appeal, so I’ve always tried to do something that has a broad, populist appeal,” he revealed to AdNews. ThinkTV was thrilled to sponsor the Hall of Fame for the second year, and to induct Warren Brown into the Advertising Hall of Fame. Kim Portrate, chief executive of ThinkTV, said: “Warren’s body of work is truly impressive, he is a master of the art of storytelling and ThinkTV is absolutely delighted that Warren has been inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. His ads have achieved mass appeal by reaching through our TV screens, across our lounge rooms, entering our hearts and minds and ultimately shaping our identity as Australians. Congratulations Warren on an outstanding and inspirational contribution to our industry.” To see Warren’s Highlight Reel click here.

effecTV Issue 5 2017: #BeBoldForChange and Payback goes auto
Celebrating Women in TV: There are mobs of hugely successful and remarkable women on the TV, but what about behind it? We’ve asked a few probing questions of some inspirational leaders in the business of TV. Say No. Delegate. Be Organised. But if you follow one piece of advice, let it always, ALWAYS, be this. Click here to read more.
Higher, Faster, Stronger: Have you seen them? Women playing sport. There are damn impressive women playing sport on the TV and Australians can’t get enough of them. Female athletes are all the rage on TV right here, right now. Click here to read more.
What women watch: OK lets cut to the chase here. Women watch TV. Surprised much? You want them. You need them. TV reaches 87.9% of them every week. Every. Single. Week. Check it out here.
Payback goes auto: You know that final car race scene in the movie Grease? Well that’s what it looks like over at Ebiquity now that 4 of the top 15 Auto brands in Australia have signed for the second tranche of ThinkTVs $1million “Payback Australia” study into media ROI. Click here to see who is wearing the leather.

effecTV Issue 4 2017: In a world full of virtual dark alleys TV is safe and sound (on)
TV is safe and sound (on)
: If it can happen to Disney, it can happen to you. Maybe it already has? Maybe you don’t want to know that your squeaky-clean brand ads sit alongside terrorists and pornographers. But if you do want to keep your brand safe, experts suggest using premium, local publishers with stringent vetting and classification procedures. Hmmm. TV anyone? Click here to read more.
Un-baffle me please: Dazed and confused by TV jargon? Fear not. The jargon-busters at ThinkTV are here to help with terrific new infographics for the un-initiated. We will take you gently by the hand and guide you through the TV ratings process, explain TV planning variables and de-mystify TV jargon. Wax on; Wax off; Get your wax here.
Nick our nickable charts: Hooray! Our nickable charts have been updated to include the latest industry research and data! We have the best nickable charts. We do. They’re terrific. Nobody has nickable charts as good as ours. You know you want them. Charts. Updated and fantastically fnickable on our website now.

effecTV Issue 3 2017: TV is everywhere, but bigger is better
TV wins for entertainment: Right now, right across the country, Australians are choosing TV for entertainment. In fact, Aussies are turning to TV ahead of social media, cinema and reading. And despite the proliferation of devices in the homes, the vast majority of TV is viewed on the big screen. It seems that when Aussie’s want to “tube out” bigger really is better! Fascinating huh? Click here for more information.
Total TV is a Big Deal: This is a Really Big Deal. Really. “Why?” I hear you ask! It’s Big because all the bits and pieces of the TV industry have, for the first time, come together to provide a figure that captures TV revenues across all devices and platforms. Where revenues lead, other metrics can also follow. You need to follow this here.
Effie! Effie! Effie: We crunched the numbers so you didn’t have to. You can thank us later. What did we find? There is no magic formula for success (well obviously because then everyone would be able to win duh!) but there are some pretty compelling hints and tips for those who haven’t already submitted their entries so click here.

effecTV Issue 2 2017 valentines edition : TV love, lust and payback
Television advertising works because people love watching TV:
The Deloitte’s Media Consumer Survey shows that watching TV is still our preferred entertainment activity (62% of survey respondents rate it in their top three), ahead of using the internet for social / personal interests at 60%.
The attraction of live TV: Despite the rapid growth of devices within the home, 90.1% of TV viewing is watched live-to-air. Even the most digitally connected age group of people 18-24 prefer to watch live, with live-to-air viewings accounting  for 89% of their time viewing time. Click here to learn more.
Hottest programs on TV: From the epic Tennis Men’s final, to moving drama’s and the ongoing popularity of reality and light entertainment programs, thinkTV has it covered. Click here to learn more about the hottest programs on TV today.

effecTV Issue 1 2017: Scoop an Effie and size up the sexiest topics of 2017
Tips for scooping an Effie:
The Effie awards celebrate the effectiveness of creative communications, recognising campaigns that can demonstrate outstanding measurable results. Want to win an Effie? Click here to to learn more.
Sexiest topics of 2017: Kim Portrate, CEO of ThinkTV shares her insights on the industry’s raciest topics for 2017: viewability, third party verification and bot fraud. As an industry, how do we work together to to bring “sexy” back and grow our brands further. Click here to read more.
Multi-platform TV ratings: TV today is available on every platform, anywhere and at any time. To help understand changing consumer behaviour, OzTAM have enhanced their video player measurement service to capture the top live-streamed programs. Click here to learn more.