ThinkTV welcomes ever-deeper measurement for multi-platform TV

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ThinkTV welcomes ever-deeper measurement for multi-platform TV – as
TV moves to meet its audiences

ThinkTV welcomes OzTAM’s move to release ratings for live-streamed TV shows, saying the development reinforces the TV industry’s
ongoing commitment to open, transparent measurement of audiences.

Kim Portrate, chief executive of ThinkTV, said: “The sharing of live-streamed data alongside daily ratings and catch-up program ratings
underlines the rigour and precision of the Australian TV industry’s world-class, independent, thirdparty, audited metrics for advertisers
and their agencies. When considering consumers’ total consumption of TV it’s possible to see audience increases of up to 10% from
catch-up alone on some shows. *

“The vast majority of TV viewing is still done a TV set because of the unbeatable attraction of that big screen in the home but now viewers
also want to dip in and out of their favourite shows on the go, particularly when it comes to news and live sport.The advent of live TV
streaming has made this possible.”

The data released today in OzTAM’s Live VPM Report shows Australians are live-streaming between 5 million and 15 million minutes of TV
a day online on their mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops and gaming devices.

“Today’s TV is available on every platform, anywhere and at any time,” added Ms Portrate. “OzTAM’s Live VPM Report will track the
emerging trend for live streaming as viewers choose to stay ever closer to their favourite content.

“At the same time advertisers have the security of knowing that OzTAM’s third-party measurement panel is independent, audited, and is
about to increase by 50% in size this year, making Australia the largest per capita people metered market in the world.”

* Catch-up is measured by devices used.


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