ThinkTV Welcomes Leading Academic’s Call for a Review of Video Viewability Standards

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Thursday, September 14th, 2017


Kim Portrate, chief executive of ThinkTV, has welcomed a call today by the renowned marketing science academic Professor Karen Nelson-Field for the global advertising industry to review the current MRC viewability standard for video advertising.

Speaking at ReThinkTV in Sydney, Ms Portrate said: “Last year we asked Karen to help us understand how TV works. We had no inkling that the results of her work would lead us to understand how the current video advertising standards were short-changing brands.

“Karen’s findings are illuminating, and quite frankly, alarming, which is why ThinkTV supports her call for a review of video advertising standards.

“The science is in: there is value in the impressions which meet the current minimum standard but this study demonstrates there is room to improve the impact and effectiveness of video advertising. It’s also an opportunity to reconsider how we choose video advertising platforms and what kind of return they deliver on the metrics that matter most – attention and sales impact– because these are the two that drive growth.

“ThinkTV is working through these findings with our shareholders to ensure we are providing robust and relevant metrics for TV – broadcast, IP delivered and catch up – in all its forms, across all devices – to ensure you are getting the best out of today’s TV experience. Because, in the end, it is what advertisers deserve when they invest with us.”

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