Where is the best advertising found?

AdLand vs Australia

Leading marketing academic Professor Karen Nelson-Field asked over 1,600 AdLand professionals and over 1,000 “normal” people about their preferences when it comes to advertising.

She used a representative sample of the Australian population sourced from Pure Profile and used Mumbrella’s database to survey a representative sample of advertising, media and marketing professionals, which included representative splits of seniority. The gender balance was 51% female and 49% male for both samples.

The findings show Australians consider TV advertising to be the most liked, trusted, and memorable form of advertising among average Aussies and the one that draws the most attention to brands they have not heard of. AdLanders trust TV advertising more than advertising on any other medium and they think it’s the most memorable too. But when it comes to advertising they like and advertising they think will draw attention to an unheard-of brand it’s a different story, as this infographic shows.

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