Essentials for Effie Success

Ever wondered what Effie Award winners do differently?
Analysis of the most effective advertising campaigns shows simple strategies and a focus on sustainable, long term growth, deliver success.

The advertising world is full of armchair critics with mountains of sage advice about what you ought to do to grow your brands.

One thing is for certain, the people most worth listening to say very little and let their campaigns speak for themselves. You can’t fake effectiveness, and that is why ThinkTV has partnered with The Communications Council for the third year in a row. By analysing the winning entries from the 2018 Effie Awards, we have found some common themes and some truly magnificent nuggets of inspo, and we have bundled all of what we found into a wee booklet for you to download and read at your leisure.

Our analysis of Gold Effie winners reinforces many of the guiding principles for great marketing.

• When it comes to budget, size isn’t always the answer, but a deep understanding of your audience truly is.

• Gold Effie winners show deep strategic thinking within their campaigns; adapting and learning from past campaigns to achieve truly impressive results.

• Many brands triumphed over significant obstacles as part of their success; declining market share, lack of brand empathy or consumer connection, changing consumer behaviour and competitive threats.

• Often the high ROI achieved by the winning campaigns was due to a commitment to research; research that gave winners a deep understanding of their strategic challenges and their consumers, research used to deliver a holistic and insight-driven approach to campaign planning and inform choices about channel selection that would serve to align media and brand message.

• Above all though, it was obvious that all the most effective campaigns shared a deep love and connection with their audience. Armed with clear goals and a desire to make their customers happy they set out to entice, persuade and ultimately convert their audiences.