Benefits of TV advertising

Benefits of TV Advertising

TV captures the attention of your target audience in multiple ways. From a 15-second spot to branded entertainment, there is a TV solution to suit your objectives and your budget.

TV is everywhere, anytime

TV remains the ultimate, unbeatable, undeniable brand-builder. There is a TV set in almost every Australian home and today’s smartphones, tablets and computers all show TV content too. In fact 15% of Australians admit to watching streamed content in the bath or on the loo.

But we still love to come home to flop on the sofa in front of the big telly: Aussies spend three hours and 47 minutes of their day watching TV on a TV set, on average, and the vast majority of that time is spent watching live broadcasts.

TV has unbeatable reach and scale

The best way to kick-start a campaign and build momentum is through TV. It delivers mass audiences every day (63% of the population), every week (83%) and every month (93%).  In fact, over 16 million Australians watch TV on average every day, making it ideal for launching new products and services, or driving a sales event.

TV delivers ROI

TV advertising works. It builds brand fame and reputation like no other medium. Ebiquity, the leading, independent marketing analytics firm, found that every $1 invested in TV advertising generated a return of $1.74 for FMCG brands. 

TV has measurable results

Advertisers need independent, objective and accountable data to meaningfully understand viewer behavior and evaluate media performance. When it comes to credibility of TV’s audience insights and data, OzTAM’s third-party measurement panel is independent and audited and Australia is the largest per capita people metered TV market in the world.

OzTAM’s services comply with the quality service requirements of: AS ISO 20252 (Market Opinion and Social Research) and AS ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems). And they are constantly reviewed for compliance and suitability, ensuring that they continue to provide a world-class TV audience measurement service.

ThinkTV channels deliver premium content you can trust

TV’s premium content makes it the primary choice for viewers. Some 8 in 10 families sit down in front of the TV set every week to watch.

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