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ThinkTV works with the marketing community to lead a collective effort that demonstrates how advertising in broadcast-quality content environments provides the greatest return on investment. Our curiosity for all things TV is boundless – whether it’s understanding how audiences engage with TV, investigating the impact TV has on business results or simply celebrating the creativity of TV advertising – we’re always ready to chat about TV in all its forms and devices.

We champion the power of TV advertising through research, education and industry development:

  1. Research: ThinkTV partners with leading academics to conduct state of the art research to produce unbiased, independent studies that set new benchmarks in measuring the real impact of today’s advertising.
  2. Education: ThinkTV provides marketers, media agencies and networks with figures (not fiction) and facts (not opinions) to help them decide where best to allocate budgets.
  3. Industry development: to make TV advertising easier to understand, trade and evaluate, ThinkTV works with the industry to pioneer new ways of ensuring there is proper measurement, transparency and technology available for advertisers, agencies and networks.

TV has a powerful story to tell and ThinkTV is proud to tell it.

ThinkTV’s founding stakeholders

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