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    Virtual Australia (VOZ)

    The launch of VOZ is a step-change for agencies and marketers who now have a clear picture of where, when and how Australians are consuming broadcast video content.

    What is VOZ?

    Virtual Australia, or ‘VOZ’ is the foundation of Australia’s new ‘Total TV’ reporting standard. VOZ brings together broadcast+ viewing on TV sets and connected devices (smart TVs, desktop/laptop computers, tablets and smartphones) to provide all-screen, cross-platform planning and reporting for Australia’s television industry. VOZ delivers step change in the way Australian television is planned, measured and evaluated.

    +Broadcast content comprises viewing of metropolitan and regional free-to-air and subscription broadcasters’ TV and online (BVOD) services. This includes viewing through the television set (both live and played back within 28 days) and on connected devices such as smart TVs, desktop/laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. Participating BVOD broadcasters: ABC, Seven Network, Nine Network, Network 10, SBS and Foxtel.