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Let’s be clear, there’s a strong relationship between TV and the fast lane of effectiveness

"Godfather of effectiveness", Peter Field, recently analysed a wide range of evidence that demonstrates TV’s continuing importance when it comes to delivering real results for brands.

Peter’s no BS advice for marketers and their media agencies is clear, TV’s role in effective campaigns is not just rock steady, it’s growing.

In his presentation at The Future of TV Advertising Global conference held in December 2023, Peter outlines three different factors that explain why, despite all the challenges TV has faced, “it is still endlessly so god damn effective.”

First is the attention we can generate when it comes to advertising on TV. The second is the emotional clout that results from TV advertising. And the third is a much overlooked issue of trust.

Thank you to our friends at Thinkbox and The Future of TV Advertising Global conference for sharing this content.

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