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    The future is bright for Australian TV

    Due to the rapidly evolving nature of technology and a commitment to innovation, the Australian TV industry is in the midst of a revolution.

    Television as we know it has changed. It’s no longer simply the box in the corner of your living room – it’s an experience. You can watch it anywhere, anytime and the exponential growth of Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD) is just one part of the story.

    Australia’s broadcasters now offer advanced advertising solutions and are developing automation technology to make it easier than ever to plan and buy television in all of its forms.

    Programmatically served advertising is already available to brands across live viewing, playback TV and live streaming, and addressable advertising solutions are increasingly becoming a reality with PwC noting that more than 9 million Australian can be reached via devices such as Smart TVs that allow for data-led relevant advertising.