Why TV

Why TV? 

Today’s TV has undergone a transformation the past few years, offering advertisers and their agencies more choices than ever before. Our Why TV takes you through some of the key reasons why your brand should consider TV as a critical component of their marketing strategy.

Why use TV? 

Simple and straight to the point. The reasons why you should use TV advertising.

Benefits of TV Advertising

Here at ThinkTV HQ, we are constantly asked; “what are the benefits of TV advertising”. We’ve listened to the people and put together the top 5 advantages of using TV advertising. You will also find links back to our Pinchable Charts with killer stats to support the top 5 benefits.

Is TV Advertising Effective?

Is TV advertising still effective in today’s media landscape? TV still offers advertisers unbeatable reach and remains one of the most effective mediums for communicating brands messaging. In fact the TV of today is stronger than it ever has been before being available anytime, anywhere and on every device. We’ve put together some quick key facts showing how effective TV advertising can be for your brand.

Pinchable Charts

Our Pinchable Charts are the solid facts about the power of TV advertising. Key topics discussed are; Mass Reach and Scale on TV, Social TV, Must Watch TV, TV Delivers, How Australians Watch TV and TV anytime, anywhere. You can’t argue with the facts, so go on, pinch one.

If you are looking for more research into TV advertising, head over to our Research page.


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