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    Get creative

    Advertisers and audiences love TV because it offers an incredible canvas to get creative.

    Story arcs, music, jingles and even celebrities, no other medium gives you the unskippable creative freedom of TV.

    TV advertising helps brands to tap into the power of storytelling with the scope to tell an engaging story with a beginning, middle and satisfying end. 

    TV offers plenty of creative options for ad spots; from 60 seconds to shorter cutdowns of 30, 15and even 6 seconds. You can build a campaign that uses an evolving combination of time-lengths to tell a compelling story around your brand in long form and then use shorter lengths as reminders or to evolve the story and keep audiences engaged.

    Unlike other video platforms where the ads often play without sound, TV ads can use evocative music or even a jingle to deepen the engagement and help keep your brand in people’s memories for longer.

    TV doesn’t just deliver advertising spots. TV has engaging and entertaining programmes, events and personalities that brands can utilise as part of their advertising . Imagine what a celebrity could do for your brand, or integration in TV’s professionally produced content. The opportunities are endless.