The future of TV is closer than you think

OzTAM VOZ: an integrated database that will provide total TV audiences across all screens and enable new ways to target audiences.

TV is everywhere and has unmatched reach and scale, reaching 22 million Australians every single month. But the way Australians view TV is changing; the average Aussie household has more than 6 screens and adult children are living at home with their parents longer than ever before. While Australians still prefer to watch the big tellie from the comfy seat in the living room, there are now a multitude of other ways to consume broadcast quality content on any device, at any time.

With TV viewing fragmenting across devices, so are the needs of advertisers and their agencies. Advertisers want to plan reach and frequency across all screens to manage campaigns across Total Video. Advertisers and agencies want to see the true incremental reach of adding a screen and to deliver ads to specific consumers based on certain buying behaviours. ThinkTV is delighted to herald a game-changing innovation from OzTAM and Nielsen, that will bring the best of both worlds by combining the behavioural targeting capabilities of Advanced Advertising Solutions with the unrivalled scale of TV.

Progressively rolling out from Q1 2019, the new “Total TV” database, Virtual Australia (VOZ), will bring together audience estimates of Australians’ broadcast TV viewing on TV sets (OzTAM TV ratings) and streamed TV viewing via connected devices (OzTAM’s VPM service). VOZ will allow agencies and advertisers to create media plans for TV inventory on all screens for the metropolitan commercial free-to-air and Foxtel channels, and to manage de-duplicated audience reach and frequency goals in their Total TV campaigns.

VOZ will build on the industry’s ongoing innovation: Broadcasters will be able to integrate their own data with VOZ’s independent, objective, cross-screen viewing estimates to enable advanced audience targeting based on viewer behaviours, interests and needs, in addition to fundamental age and gender demographics.

VOZ will also be continually enriched with the integration of select 3rd party assets that deepen the behavioural profile of the dataset – enabling advertisers to target specific behavioural segments beyond standard age and sex demographics. The future of TV is closer than you think.

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