ThinkTV on TV

ThinkTV on TV

It would be a bit hypocritical of us to not have ourselves on TV, wouldn’t it? We couldn’t possibly talk about the advantages of TV if we didn’t try it out for ourselves.

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Kim Portrate & Richard Basil-Jones on Sky News Business

Thursday 25th May 2017

This afternoon, ThinkTV CEO Kim Portrate & Ebiquity Asia Pacific Managing Director Richard Basil-Jones stopped by the Mediaweek team to discuss the latest results from the second tranche of the Payback Study focusing on the automotive category.

Wave 2 of the Payback Study showed that advertising works. All media measured within the study returned a positive return of investment for the participants with TV leading the charge, delivering an ROI of $8.90 for every $ invested.

Click on the image below to watch the interview or click here to find out more about the latest Payback Study.

ThinkTV Therapist

Wednesday, 30th November 2016

Our ThinkTV therapist TV commercial launched at our RethinkTV conference on November 30th 2016. The commercial, which carries the strapline “It’s prime time to rethink TV”, shows the power of TV to build brands in the minds of consumers and, just as important,have consumers remember those brands over a lifetime.

In the ad, ThinkTV’s first, a psychologist asks her hypnotised client Jack a series of probing questions, each of which prompts him to leap to life and blurt out a classic TV ad slogan before collapsing back into a slumber.

In a world with ever-increasing options about where marketers can invest their budgets, the commercial is designed as a timely reminder of the enduring power and effectiveness of TV.

Creative credits:
Agency: It’s The Thought That Counts
Writer: Ron Mather
Director: Dogboy
Producer: Selin Yaman
Production company: The Pound