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    Every stat tells a story

    A bespoke campaign of mini documentaries delivered across multiple platforms drove positive perceptions towards the Census, resulting in enhanced participation.

    The challenge

    With the Census date set for August 2021, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) wanted to increase awareness and highlight the value of participation by promoting the benefits of the Census and reminding Australians the direct impact it has on them and others.

    “Foxtel allowed UM to bring to life storytelling at scale, supporting the wider campaign through high dwell formats and trusted community voices. The partnership helped the ABS to showcase the intrinsic benefits the Census offers, encouraging people to think more deeply about it and increasing their likelihood to actively participate.”

    Alice Davidson
    Integrated Planning Director, UM

    The results

    The campaign drove significant improvements across tested metrics and reinforced the importance of taking part.

    The lifts were even more significant among younger Australians, an important result given that prior to the campaign, younger Australians were less aware of the importance and impact of the Census.

    The campaign led to a 14 per cent increase in familiarity with the Census and a 23 per cent increase among under 40s. Additionally the content drove a 6 per cent increase in positive participation, up 12 per cent among under 40s.

    And those who saw the bespoke content were 1.2 times more likely to believe their participation would make a real difference compared to those who just saw the TVC.

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