HotelsCombined and the power of BVOD

“BVOD has become part of our always on strategy because it has been able to demonstrate brand metrics and revenue. It has proven to us to be successful and will be part of our strategy going forward.”
Chris Rivett
HotelsCombined Head of Marketing

HotelsCombined relies heavily on advertising campaigns across both TV and video advertising, but wasn’t sure which platform delivered the best results against their key business outcomes. So the brand decided to run a test in order to determine how broadcast video on demand (BVOD) measured up against global social and video platforms.

HotelsCombined is one of Australia’s foremost travel comparison websites, offering users up to 80 per cent off accommodation across over 800,000 hotels worldwide. Digital video advertising forms an integral part of the brand’s marketing strategy, so an experiment was devised to help discover the digital video platform offering the best return on investment.

In order to determine the impact of digital video advertising on brand awareness and booking and revenue data, HotelsCombined compared the performance of BVOD on 9Now with that of video posted to a social platform and a global video platform. In order to do this, the brand took TV offline and geo-fenced audiences based on three significant metro areas – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The brand then bought media from one publisher in a single metro market for a period of 40 days, inclusive of seven days before and after the media buying period, to see what the impact would be against specific hard and soft metrics.

After the 40-day test period came to an end, HotelsCombined examined the data from each publisher and metro market and platform combination to determine which platform was ultimately the most effective. Metro market and platform combinations were carefully considered to ensure geofenced audiences were being serviced by the platform they engaged with most; as a result Brisbane was paired with social media, Sydney with BVOD on 9Now, and Melbourne with global video. The brand’s in-depth analysis found that BVOD was able to sustain growth where all other platforms declined. In fact, BVOD was the only platform that delivered uninterrupted growth, generating a 40 per cent lift in revenue and a 30 per cent increase in bookings across the entire campaign period. BVOD was also the most efficient platform from a media standpoint and the most effective in driving bookings and revenue to deliver key business outcomes.

While both the social platform and 9Now were able to help shift top-ofmind awareness, it was in prompted and unprompted awareness where BVOD stood out delivering a 1.5x efficiency in driving brand awareness for HotelsCombined. The campaign also led to a 28.5 per cent increase in bookings in the single metro market in which it was tested and, in doing so, showed the brand how BVOD can deliver a tangible return on investment. This has changed the way HotelsCombined buys media, with BVOD now included as part of their overall strategy.

CASE STUDY: HotelsCombined and the power of BVOD