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    NRMA and memorable storytelling

    Emotional impact that can’t be delivered without TV.

    The challenge

    Before joining Telstra in 2022, Brent Smart spent nearly six years at IAG and in the face of business declines and low consumer trust, he doubled down on commitment to the brand’s long-term positioning to keep building the NRMA brand.

    As a firm believer in storytelling, he wanted to connect audiences to the NRMA brand to keep it relevant and memorable. After convincing his board to invest in brand building marketing initiatives, Smart set out to develop creative and media placement to deliver emotional impact and mass brand awareness. In his view, TV is the most powerful tool for this.

    The HELP campaign evolved over the following two years using true stories to embed the ‘Help is who we are’ strategy and launching a Safety Hub which rewarded customers for reducing the risks associated with their homes.

    Placing a genuine act of help at the centre of the campaign in 2019, led to the famous koala film that warmed our hearts through television screens and left us in no doubt that the NRMA had deeply understood our need to feel secure and that every home is worth protecting.

    “TV remains a really important part of future campaigns that I'm thinking about, because I believe in the power of brand building.”

    Brent Smart, Former CMO IAG

    The results

    In 2021, the campaign was crowned the most effective brand building campaign at the Effie’s and represented a true commitment to long term brand building with a focus on storytelling, and the conviction to stay the course.

    “According to brand finance, we created over $300 million of brand value for NRMA insurance, and we also returned the brand’s growth after several years of decline.”

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