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    Suncorp’s One House to Save Many

    An award-winning campaign to spark a national conversation.

    The challenge

    With 97% of disaster funding being spent on repairing and rebuilding, the remaining 3% is all that’s left to focus on prevention. Suncorp’s decision to take a more proactive view resulted in ‘One House’ being a standout success on all Suncorp key metrics.

    A focused, cultural conversation about the resilience of homes, the safest, most valued haven for Australians, was key to Queenslanders being more prepared for extreme weather and environmental conditions.

    The campaign launched with a national advertising campaign using television as the primary channel. Knowing the story couldn’t be told entirely in 30 second spots, Suncorp engaged with audiences more deeply by developing a 23-minute documentary that shared the journey of One House, expert opinions from the designers of the house and the stories of families who had lost their homes in natural disasters. This was surrounded by PR, 60 second and 30 second films prompting the viewer to search for Suncorp One House and visit their interactive hub, which included open-source designs and ensured Australians could access the tested innovations and solutions.

    Following the One House project, Suncorp went on to develop an industry first product innovation called ‘Build it Back Better’. This feature was made available to every customer and offered the opportunity to add resilience upgrades to homes damaged in insurable events. This was introduced to Queenslanders in 30s and 15s retail TVCs.

    “TV gives us that reach, that frequency that connected customer journey and experience, and that's what we're always looking for when we're trying to create connections with customers and our brands.”

    Mim Haysom, CMO Suncorp Group 

    The results

    The One House campaign is a great example of doing rather than saying. Taking action to lead a conversation around resilience translated into significant industry and government support and stand-out business outcomes for Suncorp.

    TV played a critical role in the campaign as it could deliver different lengths of video formats for the various messages and storytelling techniques needed to use in building depth, understanding and engagement. It magnified the effects of other channels by moving consumers through the experience Suncorp had created and encouraging them to interact.

    “TV helped us make the other channels work harder because it drove traffic to our website and to our information hub.”

    The campaign reached over 99% of its target audience with coverage across the major networks and prominent features on current affairs programs and morning shows. More than 110,000 unique visitors visited the One House hub, with an average dwell time of 3.7 minutes.

    Lead indicators across the business showed clear signs of campaign success with consideration amongst non-customers of Suncorp increasing 38%, increase in home insurance quotes of 29% and an NPS score reaching an all-time high of 14.4.

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