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In uncertain times be TV certain

2020 brought a lot of uncertainty. Bushfires, a pandemic, and then a recession. As marketers we do the best we can with the information we have available, making choices to deliver growth for our brands.

Now, more than ever before, marketing budgets are under pressure and the battle for market share is hard fought. But the more things change the more they stay the same.  When you invest in TV you know exactly what you will get – mass reach, attention, memorability and sales.

When it comes to selecting video media platforms to deliver effective campaigns, there are 7 steps to certainty:

  1. TV reaches 85% of the population each week.
  2. BVOD consumption is booming.
  3. Australians trust TV, which haloes onto advertising.
  4. Ads shown on TV receive greater attention which is maintained for longer.
  5. Ads shown on TV are remembered for 9X longer.
  6. TV + BVOD has 2.4X the sales impact of TV combined with YouTube.
  7. TV is the King of ROI.

Every dollar of marketing investment should be working as hard as you are. Be certain in your media investment decisions. Be TV certain.

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