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    Clickety Boom! Why digital brands love TV advertising

    TV advertising drives short and long-term business results for hipages. Keen to explore the impact of TV on a business that had largely relied on search advertising, ThinkTV found an ideal candidate in hipages; a business that had allocated a large portion of marketing spend to search and that was grappling with low brand awareness.

    When it comes to finding trusted tradespeople, hipages is Australia’s leading digital platform with a job posted every 26 seconds and around 100,000 jobs posted every month. Despite strong growth in the past 15 years, hipages had an awareness problem, with only one in four Australians familiar with the brand prior to the study.

    Hipages decided to unleash the power of TV advertising, developing a new campaign to “change the way we tradie”. After the campaign hipages own research found:

    A 35% increase in new jobs coming from brand search driven by TV’s power to generate awareness

    TV helped to increase aided awareness from 27% to 37%, a figure which held for six months post campaign

    Brand consideration was up from 17% to 24% which also held for six months

    Second, to better understand the impact of TV advertising on hipages, ThinkTV commissioned KPMG Australia to undertake marketing mix modelling*, a statistical analysis using marketing data to evaluate the historic and future impact of various marketing tactics.

    The KPMG modelling found that:

    • After search (80%), TV delivered the second highest conversion rate, contributing 11% of hipages’ job volume from a 10% share of total media investment.
    • TV was the only non-digital channel (including radio, print and outdoor) to command a positive short-term return, delivering a return of investment (ROI) of $1.12.
    • TV drove more brand search clicks than any other broadcast media channel, and delivered a 39% increase in brand search clicks relative to radio.

    KPMG Director Karen Halligan commented: “According to our econometric analysis, TV delivered a positive short-term ROI for hipages, in addition to building long-term brand awareness. TV also drove an uplift in app downloads, a key driver of customer lifetime value.”

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