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    Australian Advertising Effectiveness Rules

    A look at the new Australian Effies database.

    Australian Advertising Effectiveness Rules

    Robert Brittain, a man who is all about advertising effectiveness teamed up with Peter Field, a name synonymous with effective campaigns, to analyse Australia’s Effies Database which includes 143 campaigns from the past two years.

    Together the duo set out to test whether the most effective campaigns have broad target markets, the effects of longer campaigns, the impact of longer campaign evaluation periods and how emotional campaigns perform versus rational creative.

    Targeting: Broad is best

    A broad target is more effective in driving both business and brand effects delivering more new customers and stronger brand profit growth

    Emotion works over the longer term

    Emotional campaigns drive larger brand effects yielding stronger impacts on metrics related to brand memory structures

    Longer is more effective

    Longer duration campaigns deliver stronger business effects and longer campaign evaluation periods enable larger business and brand effects to be seen

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