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    Attention & Effectiveness: To ESOV & Beyond Part II

    Find out how you can supercharge attention for your marketing campaigns.

    Attention and Effectiveness: To ESOV and Beyond Part II is a collaboration between Advertising Council Australia and international authorities on marketing effectiveness Peter Field and Rob Brittain, and pioneer in media science Profession Karen Nelson-Field, providing new analysis of extra share of voice (ESOV) and the ability of media platform selection to amplify or undermine a campaign’s creative strength.

    The study – a marketing-first for its use of state-of-the-art human eye-tracking technology – analysed ads from 39 case studies in the ACA Effectiveness Database*. It measured active and passive levels of attention gained by award-winning campaigns to determine the relationships between creative strength, attention, media choice and marketing budget.

    With a view to helping advertisers increase the certainty of return from their advertising investment,
    the findings reveal that:

    • The competitive advantage delivered by strong creative is enhanced by investment into high-attention media platforms, with high-attention media supercharging the attention levels of great creative by up to 75%.
    • The business impact of marketing campaign investment increases by 65% when strong creative is placed on high-attention media.
    • Campaigns rated as ‘highly effective’ in driving business returns attracted close to 60% more active attention than campaigns rated much lower in effectiveness.
    • Even at the top end of the effectiveness spectrum, strong creative holds attention by up to three times longer.
    • Effie Award campaigns are major winners in attracting attention, delivering more than double the attention needed for marketing investment to be effective.
    • ESOV remains a critical marketing planning metric. Positive ESOV improves the effectiveness of both lower- and higher-attention campaigns.

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