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Fact Pack: July to Dec 2018 Co-Viewing Edition

In addition to tech penetration and TV usage facts and stats, this special Co-viewing Edition of ThinkTV’s Bi-Annual Fact Pack takes a look into the power of watching content with others on linear TV.

In a world of virtually unlimited video, linear TV has a unique advantage. TV stands alone in its ability to deliver real-time engagement at scale, as millions of Australians all watch live, linear TV at the same time. Download the Fact Pack for insights into:

  • Co-viewing percentages by age, gender, time band, genre and household size
  • Total TV fuelled social interactions by social platform
  • Top TV programs for social sharing by genre

Download the Fact Pack for detailed viewing stats across metro, regional and national subscription TV:

  • Penetration of screens and technology by household
  • Who is watching: Monthly, weekly and daily TV reach split be demographic for linear TV
  • How many: Monthly, weekly and daily reach for linear TV
  • How long: Time-spent by demographic and time-spent with live linear TV, playback to 7, and playback 8 to 28
  • When: Audience across the day and playback trends

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