The Future Series

Marketing is a blend of art and science, data and intuition. The exact composition of the marketing mix is dependent upon a number of factors including the type of industry a brand is competing in, the nature of that competition, and the environmental or regulatory structures surrounding it.

ThinkTV has partnered with independent media specialists Hoop Group to launch The Future Series; a program of research looking deeply into the factors at play in key industry sectors.

The Future of Banking

Recognising the significant challenges and opportunities facing the finance and banking sector, the first deep dive of ThinkTV’s The Future Series takes a look into consumer’s relationships with Banks. The Future of Banking Study reveals that the industry is at a unique juncture; brand reputations have been tarnished and the consumer behaviours of old are being challenged by a triple threat

  • New regulation – resulting in open banking.
  • Changing preferences – pushing back against historical process.
  • Emerging technology – allowing for new products & new types of banks.

The Future of Banking report reveals what’s changing, what consumers need and how marketers within the sector can effectively engage the market. Download your copy today.