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    Aldi’s quest to prove you can’t overcook Christmas

    The power of TV in delivering impact across the funnel.

    The challenge

    Delivering an effective Christmas campaign is critical to the grocery chain’s ability to tap into the year’s key selling period. Viewed as both a bottom of funnel sales driver and a means of growing market penetration, the campaign must deliver both short term benefits and a flow on effect through the first quarter of the following calendar year.

    By challenging the ‘togetherness’ post-Covid emotions that other supermarkets were using as the basis of their creative, Aldi worked on storytelling that showed shoppers how taking Christmas to another level needed a touch of unexpectedness.

    “TV is the foundation and it's the glue of all our large-scale mass-market campaigns, and it improves performance in other channels. So, without TV, we would find it very hard to meet our campaign KPIs in our business objectives.”

    Mark Richardson, Former CMO Aldi

    The results

    Results are yet to be published for the 2022 execution. However, 2021 campaign successes included increases in seasonal product sales, holding value share and growth in the percentage of customers who would consider Aldi for their main grocery shop.

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