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    The $55 billion Christmas spend-a-palooza

    The nights are getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and it can only mean one thing, the countdown to Christmas has begun.

    As you contemplate family festivities and make holiday plans, you are probably starting to do the sums. But this year, 10 cents in every retail dollar will be spent online, and some of the credit card pain will be delayed with “buy now pay later” schemes aplenty.

    Christmas shopping looks set to peak in November with Cyber Monday and Black Friday extending the Christmas spend-a-palooza earlier than ever before. Online purchases have grown 20% across 2018, with many expecting ecommerce sales for the months in the lead up to Christmas in 2019 to be the biggest on record.

    Across all categories, the ABS expects us all to splurge around $55.6 billion from grocery products, food, household goods and appliances, hospitality, clothing and footwear in November and December this year, almost 3% more than last year.

    For a bigger share of the $55.6 billion Christmas pie, invest now in media platforms that will deliver attention, be remembered and deliver branded search.

    As the shopping basket swells in the two months leading up to Christmas, your brand can either sit back and relax or invest to secure a bigger share of the ever bigger pie.

    When we spoke with marketing effectiveness expert Les Binet, he advocated for brands to invest a share of voice (SOV) that is greater than their share of market (SOM) in order to grow.

    5 reasons why TV should be top of your Christmas list

    1. Never has a % of market share been worth more than pre-Christmas

    • Australians expected to spend up big in the months before Christmas • Consumer confidence is improving at the second half of 2019
    • eCommerce continues to grow in importance

    2. The ‘Christmas shopping’ period is extending with more spending in November

    • The e-sales ‘calendar’ has driven greater spending in November around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    3. TV has the best Return On Investment (ROI) for FMCG

    • TV generates strong branded search results for online Christmas Shoppers, and provides a $1.70 for every $1 spent on media in the FMCG category.

    4. TV has a greater sales impact and stays in memory for longer

    • TV will snare you a greater share of retail spend.

    5. TV is the most effective media for driving branded search

    • By driving brand awareness, TV drives branded search which in turn drives share of online basket.

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