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COVID, Christmas and the e-comm phenom

Why TV is the new retail shopfront and how to put it to work for your business.

As consumer confidence continues to recover, the retail brands that achieve growth will be the ones that grasp the shifting consumer behaviour as well as the impact of COVID on existing brand loyalties.

While retailers look to recoup sales, consumers are choosing to buy online in greater numbers than ever before. So how will shoppers discover products this festive season and how can retailers entice them to purchase without the normal shopfront appeal of Christmases past?

The COVID-induced e-comm phenom requires a rethink of retail fundamentals and how to apply them to drive advertising effectiveness this Christmas. Unable to rely on the physical store or face-to-face customer experience, a strong brand is fundamental, key to driving online traffic and maintaining price premiums.

With every product one click away, a brand’s ‘location’ in the consumer’s mind becomes more important than its physical location in the shopping centre.

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