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The Benchmark Series: Video advertising on mobile

The mobile tranche of The Benchmark Series from Professor Karen Nelson-Field compares the awareness, coverage and, most importantly, the sales impact of TV, Facebook and YouTube video advertising delivered via mobile devices. While the results may surprise, the bottom line is that when it comes to brand and business growth, nothing trumps TV, on any device.

World-first study reveals the strength of video advertising on mobile devices

This tranche of The Benchmark Series seeks to compare the sales impact and attention generated by video advertising viewed on mobile devices on Facebook, YouTube, and TV (over Broadcaster Video-On-Demand services). It found that:

Positive sales impact

Video advertisements viewed on mobile devices by consumers of Facebook, YouTube and Broadcaster Video-On-Demand (BVOD) all generated a positive sales impact for brands.

Higher impact of BVOD

On mobile devices the sales impact of BVOD is nearly 3x greater than Facebook and 1.6x greater than Youtube.

TV advertising outperforms

The sales impact of TV video advertising outperforms Facebook and YouTube irrespective of screen.

What was the Methodology?

Using bespoke A.I. machine-learning technology and eye-tracking software, 2583 Australians were exposed to 18,219 advertisements under natural viewing conditions in the home. Respondents were then tasked to go shopping in an online shopping mall, where they were able to consider up to 38,745 different brands including the ones they were exposed to in the study’s advertising. Called ‘Discrete Choice Modelling’, this approach is widely used and is academically-validated as the most accurate way to reveal consumers’ actual choice of brand as opposed to mere intention to buy.

For more on methodology see explainer videos here, which can be embedded into stories:

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