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    Heinz – the one for footy

    Heinz showed footy fans how they’re the perfect match on and off the field with key integration pieces into AFL narrated by world-class presenters.

    The challenge

    Ketchup is relatively new to Aussie consumers who have a long-established love affair with tomato sauce. Heinz wanted to convert everyday Australians and what better place to start than the footy.

    The insight

    Do you know the difference between ketchup and tomato sauce? No? You’re not alone. More than 70% of Aussies didn’t have the foggiest.

    In case you’re wondering, ketchup is packed full of tomatoes making it thicker, and thicker is tastier.

    Heinz needed to clear up any confusion and encourage Aussies to upgrade to Heinz by showing them exactly that.

    The execution

    Spark Foundry, knowing there’s nothing more Australian than footy, forged a partnership with the AFL.

    Heinz surprised local footy clubs with AFL legends and Channel 7 presenters Cameron Ling, Katie Brennan, Nick Riewolt and Brian Taylor making a special appearance for match day to give advice, support and motivation. This helped grab the attention of fans from the grassroots up. Heinz then brought everyone together to enjoy a post-match snack.

    Seeing what AFL integration could do for ketchup, Heinz took its famous baked beans to Grand Final day with the ultimate integration piece helping power Seven’s commentary team to get them through a long day.

    The results

    These Heinz integration pieces achieved mass reach with Seven’s AFL broadcast reaching more than 7.5 million Australians, supported by shared sponsor billboards and airtime before being propelled further afield through Seven’s social channels.

    The campaign kicked some major goals exceeding overall sales expectations for Heinz ketchup by 23% – clearly the audience understood that Heinz Ketchup is better, thicker and tastier.

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