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    How BCF pivoted to meet the new normal

    BCF was all set for a bumper Easter with a campaign centred around getting Aussies to visit holiday towns that were devastated earlier in the year by bushfires. But in the wake of COVID-19 travel restrictions, the brand needed to pivot – and fast.

    The objective

    BCF General Manager – Marketing Ben McConnell and his team wanted to find a way to rally Aussies together to be a part of something bigger and have a bit of fun during what is a tough time for many people. He said: “We are really passionate about families spending quality time together and for many, Easter is the only opportunity they have throughout the year to do that. A family getaway wasn’t going to be possible this year, so we felt camping in your backyard was a solid compromise.”

    The media mix

    McConnell said: “We did consider pulling TV as an option, but we were really passionate about the backyard campaign idea and the role we can play in helping people have a bit of fun. So we decided to go for it.”

    The results

    BCF was less focussed on short-term sales impact from the strategy with McConnell noting: “We believe that investing in what is right will benefit the brand for the long term.”

    While there’s no way of knowing exactly how many Aussies BCF inspired to camp out in their backyards over the Easter break, more than 5,000 families registered via social media with just as many entries in the #BCFBACKYARD competition. McConnell said: “We would assume, based on anecdotal evidence, that actual participation would be at least 10 times this figure.”

    And while doing good during this time of crisis is likely to have an ongoing impact to brand metrics, BCF has also seen measurable sales impact off the back of the campaign with backyard related camping products sold such as marshmallow forks, fire pits and kids camping gear.

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