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    Koala gifts airtime to Aussie businesses doing it tough during the pandemic

    TV helped Koala to build its brand and give back during a challenging time for many Australian businesses.

    The objective

    During COVID, Australian direct-to-consumer furniture brand Koala was largely unaffected by the pandemic and wanted to share its good fortune with local businesses that were doing it tough.

    Koala CMO Peter Sloterdyk said: “Being able to share the share the spotlight in that way was a really great chance to connect with the community, to connect with the local business owners and lift up their message.”

    To amplify the message, Koala forged a partnership with Deliveroo. For every Koala purchase, consumers received a $200 Deliveroo voucher to spend on local cafes and restaurants to support the local community.

    The media mix

    The campaign is a unique spin on brand building with TV at the heart of Koala’s media mix. CMO Sloterdyk notes that the split between performance and brand is constantly under review.

    “Overall, right now we’re sitting closer to a 60/40 split – 60% performance marketing and 40% other,” he said.

    For Koala, ‘other’ refers to everything from brand to experiential as well as PR and communications and Sloterdyk believes multichannel marketing is the only way to go.

    He says: “When we look at our overall media mix, every channel has a role. Depending on what our business objectives are for either that month or that quarter, we continue to lean in and out of channels that make the most sense to achieve those objectives.”

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