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    How TV helped drive a ‘seismic’ shift for Accent

    When COVID-19 hit, retail powerhouse Accent Group was forced to close its doors but the business soon experienced a surge in online sales bolstered by TV advertising.

    The objective

    On 27 March 2020 Accent Group CEO Daniel Agostinelli made the difficult decision to close every one of the brand’s physical stores and stand down most of its 5,000 strong workforce.

    With COVID-19 ripping through the community, it was the right decision, but it created a challenging environment for the business to operate in. Accent Group’s brands include Platypus, The Athlete’s Foot and Hype DC and the portfolio boasts more than 420 physical stores across the country.

    Within days, the Group’s online sales began to surge. During business as usual, online accounted for around 15% of the Group’s total revenue. During the lockdown, this surged by 150%.

    To support and further increase online sales, Accent Group reviewed its media strategy.

    The results

    With thanks to TV, Accent Group’s online sales continue to deliver with Agostinelli expecting the percentage of sales to settle somewhere between 22-to-25% of total sales.

    He said: “That’s a seismic shift and it’s one we forecast to happen in the next 3-to-5 years but COVID has brought it forward.”

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