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    Optus & The Voice drive consideration starting with yes

    Optus effectively strengthened its brand recall and consideration by using powerful stories from The Voice that started with "yes".

    The challenge

    Following a strong Olympics and Paralympics campaign, Optus was looking to continue to strengthen its brand platform, ‘It starts with yes’.

    The Voice was identified as a core program to reach the target audience of 25-to-54-year-olds with children living at home. Leading directly off the Olympics, The Voice was the perfect vehicle to maintain the brand’s momentum.

    The Voice was also able to offer integration into moments rich in optimism and a platform that genuinely celebrates how we as a country are geared to make great things happen.

    After all, every journey on The Voice starts with “yes”.

    The results

    Leveraging the key moments within The Voice enabled Optus to bring its iconic ‘it starts with yes’ campaign to life in a new way with powerful results.

    The integrated TVC that ran within the program delivered a 20-point increase on recall versus a standard brand TVC. And using the real stories of artists helped to significantly shift consideration for key categories among core audience segments with a 12-point increase on mobile consideration which jumped to 18 points for family viewers and 21 points for cross platform viewers. Meanwhile, broadband consideration jumped 15 points, increasing to 23 points for family viewers and 33 points across platforms.

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