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Travel: Now is the time to advertise on TV

As travel opens up within Australia and around the world, the tourism industry has a chance to capitalise on pent-up demand and a return to healthy revenue levels.

After two long years of lockdowns, interstate borders opening and suddenly closing again, Australian’s have experienced a world of holiday deprivation. Let’s face it, we’re all hankering for that tantalising taste of travel and can’t wait to make some plans.

But while the pent-up demand for travel has never been greater, most travel brands haven’t advertised for nearly two years – so today’s travellers aren’t 100% sure who to holiday with or where to go. Travel brands that want to capitalise on this demand know that as the economy begins to recover, so too should their adverting efforts.

Travel businesses, whether they have a bricks-and-mortar presence or are online-only operators, invest heavily in TV advertising – because it works – and a multitude of studies show that the high velocity, mass reach and scale of TV advertising delivers a share of voice that translates, in any language, to share of market for travel brands.

So, if you want to see how TV and BVOD can help your travel business to rebound ahead of the market, ThinkTV has scoured the world for research that shows why TV is a critical part of the mix for travel brands.

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