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    Travel: Destination Effectiveness

    Travel is an industry that is always looking forwards. Yes, towards future bookings, but also towards greater innovation. Today’s customers demand ever more personalised, efficient and frictionless services. And, with new players entering the market all the time, and an almost endless array of options, strong brands are essential.

    Travel businesses, whether they are a bricks-and-mortar presence or online-only operators, invest heavily in TV advertising for one good reason – because it works – and last year they invested more than $100 million in TV from a total media spend of $700 million.

    So why is it that TV works so well for travel brands? ThinkTV has scoured the world for research that shows why TV is a critical part of the mix for travel brands. So, disarm the doors and cross check as we embark on a tour of destination effectiveness.

    Mass Reach and Targeting

    TV is famous for its unrivalled reach and scale. Complementing the mass reach of TV, the BVOD platform delivers emotional storytelling to a specific target or segment and can drive mid-funnel conversion. Putting it another way, BVOD is TV powered by data. The Benchmark Series found that compared with pairing TV with Social Video, TV combined with BVOD is able to generate twice the sales impact.

    Reaching 18 million Australians every week, TV generates fame and word-of-mouth at scale.


    Travel bookings often involve a lot of research and long booking lead-times highly memorable TV campaigns that are in market early and stay the course will dominate share of market at the time of purchase. Why? Because TV ads are 100% viewable with sound on, TV ads stay in memory nine times longer than ads on social video.

    TV ads stay in memory 9x longer than ads on social video


    In research-heavy sectors such as travel, campaigns that make people feel emotions, whether they are positive or negative, have a far greater sales impact. Because TV is full-screen, 100% viewable with sound on, research shows that nothing matches TV’s ability to make audiences feel.

    Ads which generate a high emotional response have a 2.4X greater sales impact

    TV drives search

    In research heavy categories such as travel, search spend is absolutely essential, but needs to be balanced by brand-building campaigns to avoid commoditisation. And the good news is that brand building campaigns on TV drive immediate returns.

    hipages and KPMG found brand-building TV advertising improves search performance and sales

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