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    Integrated solutions

    TV presents a world of opportunities for advertisers that go well beyond spots and dots.

    Australia’s broadcasters offer a range of integrated solutions bringing big ideas to life. Integrations are limited only by your imagination from program sponsorships to advertiser-funded programming, advertorials, interactive content, competitions and promotions, licensing, televised brand events and product placement, almost anything is possible.

    From brand integrations in existing programs to brand-led content, there’s ample scope to move your brand beyond the ad break and research shows that brand integrations are highly effective for advertisers.  

    The Benchmark Series found that sponsorship in quality programming improves attention and sales with sponsorships that promote brand prominence generating the greater sales impact. To see a dramatic uplift in sales, putting a brand front and centre within a high-quality program is the way to go.

    In the UK, industry body ThinkBox’s research piece, Get with the Programmes, found partnerships drive brand preference with sponsorships acting as a matchmaker between brand and viewer allowing brand associations to embed more easily in the viewer’s mind.

    It’s important to find the right fit and advertisers will benefit from working closely with program producers to tailor the perfect solution. 

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