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Toyota calls on TV to celebrate the Aussie Spirit

Prior to the pandemic, Toyota had brand activity scheduled and the decision was made to use allocated spend to convey messages of support.

The objective

During the CV-19 crisis, Australians – including those in essential services – would need Toyota for vehicle repair or general product support. The brand needed to reassure customers it remained available to assist. Toyota Chief Marketing Officer Wayne Gabriel said: “As a leading Australian business, we believe we have a role to play to help Australians as we navigate this situation. We wanted to remind people that in times like these, it’s important we come together as one. This is inherent in our very nature as Australians.”

Due to social distancing restrictions, Toyota was unable to shoot new material, so the brand used existing creative or content made in conjunction with media partners.

The media mix

Prior to the pandemic, Toyota had brand activity scheduled and the decision was made to use this allocated spend. The media mix was recalibrated to maximise use of channels that, “best create that bond between Australians and remind us that we are not alone”. Gabriel said: “TV in all its forms is where Australians are seeking information and entertainment. And that’s backed by the numbers.” For ‘The Spirit’, linear and over-the-top (OTT) TV, which includes BVOD and live streamed broadcaster content on PCs and mobile devices, sit at the heart of a multimedia campaign designed to connect with us all, one by one.

The results

While it’s still early days to gauge the impact on Toyota’s brand metrics, by continuing to invest in brand building activity, Toyota will be well positioned for the bounce back. Gabriel said: “We need to remember the lockdowns will end at some point and retail activity will resume.”

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