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    TV reaches far, wide, near and narrow

    Your target audience will be determined by your business objective as well as learning from past campaigns.

    If your business objective is to grow market share for your brand, you have two options: either you can get the people already buying your product to buy more of it or you can get people who don’t use your product to start buying it. 

    Professor Byron Sharp reckons it has to be the latter since the users of your brand are probably already buying plenty of it and there’s unlikely to be more of them than the folks that aren’t converts.

    And that right there is the first step in choosing your target audience. That’s also likely what has brought you to TV since TV has the power to reach far and wide and speak to lots of people at once.

    While TV is known for its broad reach, it’s worth doing your homework to work out the characteristics and attributes of the people most likely to buy your product or be interested in your brand so that you can optimise your TV spend.

    To hone your focus, start by clearly defining the desired business outcome by breaking the objective down into the number of consumers or customers you are targeting and the value of the incremental purchases you need each of them to make. 

    And don’t forget to review the results of previous campaigns. Learnings from past efforts can supercharge your audience targeting.


    Advances in TV audience targeting

    While TV is known for its ability to offer incredible scale and reach, today it can also help you to speak to targeted and specific audiences, giving TV the ability to deliver at both the top and the bottom of the marketing funnel.

    OzTAM has long provided audience breakdowns by classifications such as age, sex, occupation group, education level and household size and with the launch of Virtual Australia, or ‘VOZ’, broadcast viewing on TV sets and connected devices is now brought together to provide all-screen, cross-platform planning and reporting for Australia’s television industry.

    Already, logged in users of BVOD services enable broadcasters to dynamically insert ads tailored for the viewer and Smart TVs are enabling addressable TV. Addressable TV gives you the ability to show different ads to different audiences even when they are watching the same program.