Why use TV?

  • TV has unbeatably fast reach and scale: broadcast TV reaches up to 19 million Australians every week.
  • TV advertising works: TV delivers advertisers a bigger return on investment than any other media.
  • TV is everywhere: Australians regularly consume in excess of 2 minutes of Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) content on average each week on their connected devices.
  • TV works for longer: TV ads stay in consumers memories for longer than ads on online-only platforms.
  • TV is loved: Australians spend on average 73 hours and 51 minutes a month watching broadcast TV.
  • TV makes brands famous: TV is the ultimate brand-builder.
  • TV is the great entertainer: watching TV is Australians’ No.1 entertainment activity.
  • TV has professionally-produced, brand-safe content.
  • TV reaches millennials: 62.9% of people aged 18-24 and 75.9% of people aged 25-39 watch broadcast TV every week.
  • TV has unmissable moments: Our top 50 programs all delivered audiences in excess of 1.7 million viewers.
  • TV has Australian content: Commercial broadcasters invest $2.4 billion in Australian content and all of our top 25 programmes are produced here.


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